We all know the drill. If we have an ear or throat infection, you go to the doctor. He gives you pills and you get better. But there are already patients who can not be helped anymore with normal antibiotics. They got resistant for it. Every year 700.000 people die because they can be treated anymore.

The WHO (World Health Organization) warns that antibiotic resistance has reached 'alarming proportions'. But now there is an alternative to antibiotics, which might offer a solution to the problems. It's called bacteriophage, virtually unknown here. But a normal medicine in the country Georgia. It is already used for 100 years and you can buy it al the local pharmacist.

Dokters van Morgen besteedde op 24 oktober 2017 aandacht aan bacteriofagen. Hierboven is het fragment te bekijken met Engelse ondertiteling.